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Welcome to Kamal Girdhar's Atmanirbhar Business Community, where innovation meets inspiration.

Our Mission: We're on a mission to transform 100 million dreamers into Atmanirbhar Dreampreneurs.

Our Tagline: Atmanirbhar Bano Kuch APNE LIYE Karo

Who is Kamal Girdhar?

Best Selling Author: No. 1 best selling author worldwide for his book 'The Story of a Banker', sharing his journey from a broke banker to an Atmanirbhar Dreampreneur.

Instagram Influencer: With over 105K followers, Kamal spreads the message that anyone with a passion can become an Atmanirbhar Dreampreneur.

Atmanirbhar Marketplace: Founder of India's first-of-its-kind marketplace for digital products or services, empowering passionate individuals to market their services and start for free.

Public Figure: Invited by educational institutions and corporates to share advice.

What Is Atmanirbhar Business Community?

The first-of-its-kind platform in India for marketing digital products or services in the coaching and consulting business, with no joining fees.

Who Is This Atmanirbhar Business Community For?

Starting Out: For those just starting out and wondering how to get started.

Startups: If you have a business idea or are a startup wondering how to build your products or services.

Coaching and Consultation: For coaches or consultants looking to turn their one-on-one consultations into digital products or services and grow.

Existing Business: If you have an existing business and want to grow using the power of online.

Artistic Growth: For artists looking to grow their business using the power of online.

Book Authors: For authors or aspiring authors unsure how to market their book and build a business around it.

Escape the Grind:  If you simply want to escape the daily grind and build a business of your dreams but don't know where to start.

Why Choose Atmanirbhar Business Community?

We work with you as partners with zero upfront costs, providing everything you need to activate your business, including:

Mentorship/Consultation: We plan business strategies and sales processes for the best ROI.

Technology Support: Build sales funnels and marketing automations effortlessly.

Branding Services: Establish a compelling online presence with expert branding support.

Digital Marketing Expertise: Access specialized digital marketing services to optimize conversions and maximize ROI.

Business Strategies: Benefit from 19+ years of industry experience to boost growth and profitability.

Atmanirbhar Business Community: Partner with us to activate your business and share profits, ensuring your success is our success.

Who Can Apply?

Under our mission to empower dreamers, we accept applications from various niches:


(Yoga Classes, Meditation Classes, Fitness Coaching, Nutritional Counseling, Wellness Workshops, Online Therapy, Personal Training Apps, Healthy Cooking Classes, Holistic Healing Practices, Stress Management Courses, Sleep Improvement Programs, Chronic Disease Management, and any other health related coaching or consulting service)


(NEET Entrance Exam Preparation, French Classes, Mathematics Tutoring, English Language Courses, Science Education, Spanish Language Courses, German Language Classes, Chinese Language Learning, School Tuitions, IIT JEE Coaching Programs, Medical Entrance Exam Preparation, UPSC Civil Services Exam Preparation, Banking and SSC Exam Coaching, GRE and GMAT Preparation, IELTS and TOEFL Preparation, and any other educational coaching or consulting service)

Specialized Skills:

(Video Editing, Video Production, Podcast Production, Influencer Marketing, Design Agency Establishment, IT Business Start-up, Real Estate Business Growth, Content Creation, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Management, Email Marketing, Graphic Design, Web Development, Mobile App Development, Digital Advertising, and any other specialized skill related coaching or consulting service)


So if you have a dream and have a passion to become Atmanirbhar then we are here to help you. Join our mission to transform 100 million dreamers into becoming Atmanirbhar Dreampreneurs.

Ready to embark on your journey towards becoming an Atmanirbhar Dreampreneur? 

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Disclaimer: We exclusively cater to educational and consulting industries only and exclude all types of financial transactions niches or businesses like Stocks, Crypto, MLM, or any Get Rich Quick Scheme.














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